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As of 11:01 PM CST on December 1, the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the subsequent breakdown in recent negotiations, has led to MLB owners instituting the first work stoppage in 26 years.

Negotiations between owners and the MLB Players Association have been contentious and largely unproductive over…

The final day of the 2021 MLB season will be somewhere between October 30 and November 3. However the Fall Classic shakes out, the final out of that series will mark perhaps yet another departure from the historic, and controversial, core of the Houston Astros — shortstop Carlos Correa.


Coast Guard Cutter (CGC)Douglas Munro (WHEC-724), the last of the 378-foot Hamilton class high-endurance cutter fleet, is being decommissioned today in a ceremony in its homeport of Kodiak, Alaska after 49 years of service.

It should be no surprise, for those who know me, that this development is stirring a…

Why Donald Trump may opt to resign rather than face his reckoning on November 3rd

I think if Richard Nixon were alive today, he’d bristle mightily at the constant mention of his name next to that of Donald Trump.

He’d definitely be dabbing his upper lip between rants and raves.

Joel Roza Jr.

Joel Roza Jr. is an at-large writer covering a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from sports to politics and other special interests.

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