• Mister Gee

    Mister Gee

  • Richard Dodd

    Richard Dodd

    Children/YA author and literacy teacher. I write articles about writing, teaching, fatherhood, and gender/racial equality among other things!

  • Apoorv Gehlot

    Apoorv Gehlot

    Apoorv Gehlot is the Founder of Matellio based in San Jose, CA and runs all client-facing functions and operations for the company.

  • Amy Katzmarek

    Amy Katzmarek

  • Chris Martinez

    Chris Martinez

  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    Dabbler in history & writing. Master’s degree in baseball history. Passionate about diversity, culture, sports, investing and education.

  • Joshua Todd Nigro

    Joshua Todd Nigro

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